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Ten-year-old Jasmine’s life was flipped upside down when the pandemic struck. She was no longer able to go to school. Her mother wasn’t going to work anymore. Everyone around her was distant, on edge, and worst of all, Jasmine and her siblings no longer had enough food to eat.

Thanks to support from the community and individuals like you, we have been able to keep our doors open and help Jasmine and many other families in similar situations. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the YWCA Elgin staff has provided care to women and families in the community. This means hundreds, if not thousands, of phone calls were made to determine if they needed anything, whether it was a shoulder to lean on, help finding a doctor, food, clothing, diapers, etc. The YWCA Elgin team also applied for multiple grants to help cover the essentials, such as utilities, rent, food, and other emergency services for over 200 families.

During this time, the fantastic YWCA Elgin team also revamped programs in order to continue serving our students while keeping everyone safe. Examples of program changes made during the pandemic include developing a virtual learning format for our adult students and increased resources and supplies for our School Age Childcare students to support them in their virtual learning. Neither of these feats has been easy. Many of our adult students didn’t have internet in their homes: nor did they have a way to access the virtual classrooms. You can imagine the struggles we originally faced while trying to get 45 students, ages 5-12, all from different grades and schools, into their virtual classrooms at the same time.

Our Board of Directors and staff remain committed as we struggle to bridge the funding gap incurred due to canceled fundraising events. Now more than ever, we need your help so we can continue assisting women and families.

Please donate to the YWCA Elgin today. Every dollar helps.


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#STOPASIANHATE: YWCA Stands in Solidarity with AAPI Communities
At YWCA, we are unwavering in our demand for justice and in our commitment to creating a world in which all women, girls, and people of color can thrive. This is why we are devastated by the ongoing violence against Asian Americans that has ravaged our country during such a trying time, and we send our condolences to the lives lost in Georgia last week. Additionally, the mass shooting in Colorado reminded us of the horrors of hate that often feeds into gun violence. Two times in one week, our nation was ravaged by mass shootings, which make it clear that the tragic incidents of gun violence and hateful domestic terrorism have plagued our country for far too long.
These events have invigorated YWCA’s commitment to addressing structural inequality and racism across all communities of color, deepening our work to advocate for equity and justice. All Americans, especially people of color, should feel safe in spas, grocery stores, schools, churches, and in their own communities. We have and will continue to do this work; demanding a safe world of equity and human decency until injustice is rooted out until institutions are transformed, and until justice just is.