Census 2020

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Why Getting Counted Matters

Every 10 years, the U.S. Census Bureau works to count every person in the country.

The Census results help the government create plans to distribute over $675 billion in annual local, state and federal funds aimed at helping communities throughout the U.S.

The data collected by the Census is then used for a variety of important purposes, including …

    • To determine how many representatives each state gets in Congress.
    • To plan for new roads, schools and health clinics.
    • To secure funding for hospitals, fire departments, and other emergency services.
    • To determine how billions of dollars in federal funding gets distributed to states, communities, federal programs, and individual households and organizations.

Getting an accurate count of our communities will help non-profit organizations like YWCA Elgin receive funding to continue providing essential programming to participants.

How to Participate in the Census

There are three easy ways to make sure you are counted: by phone, mail, or, for the first time ever, ONLINE! The 2020 Census marks the first time you’ll have the option to respond online. You can even respond to the Census on your mobile device!

By mid-March, every home will receive an invitation to respond in the Census that includes your household’s code. If you misplace this code, don’t worry, you can look up your code online using your address.

The questions asked by the census are easy – how many people are living in your home as of April 1, 2020; whether your home is owned or rented; how old are the people in your home, their gender, and about their race and/or ethnic background. 

The Census Bureau will NEVER ask you for your Social Security number, money or donations, anything on behalf of a political party, or your bank or credit card numbers.

Having an accurate census count benefits your family, your neighbors, and your community. Learn more at 2020census.gov.

When you reply to the census, your answers are kept anonymous. They are only used to produce statistics. The U.S. Census Bureau and its employees are bound by law to protect your answers and keep them strictly confidential. The law ensures that your private information is never published and that your answers cannot be used against you by any government agency or court.

Do you need help filling out your 2020 Census? The YWCA Elgin will have English and Spanish speaking personnel that is trained to help you complete your Census. Our census helpers will be available March 12, 2020 – July 31, 2020; Monday and Thursday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.