Arts Award Recipient

Amanda Harris, nominated by Side Street Studio Arts, has been a force for artistic good. She has worked with organizations like Water Street Studios and the St. Charles Arts Council. Amanda has been vital in the current Elgin artistic renaissance through Side Street Studio Arts, the Elgin Fringe, Elgin Literary and Going Dutch Festivals, and has spearheaded efforts for the City of Elgin as the Elgin Art Showcase Coordinator and the liaison to the Elgin Cultural Arts Commission.

She has been instrumental in the growth and reach of Side Street Studio Arts through her pet projects like the Americana Jubilee, discounted space usage for artists, the Lab expansion and constant creative idea generation. She is known to be tough and focused and relentlessly devoted to doing what is best for the artist. With a wonderful mix of artistic rebel and rule-respecting citizen, Amanda has brought wonderful, important, and inspiring ideas to life.

For this, and so much more, Amanda Harris has been chosen for the 2018 Margaret Hillis Award for the Arts.


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