Business & Professions Award Recipient


V. Guadalupe Fonseca, nominated by her employer, Greater Elgin Family Care Center, has been instrumental in the successes and outcomes achieved by the clinic. Her dedication to excellence has led to outcomes that have been nationally recognized on several consecutive occasions. She has led teams that have created and implemented plans resulting in the opening and operating of multiple accredited Health Centers, and successfully implementing electronic systems throughout.

Lupe has executed Greater Elgin Family Care Center’s vision of operating a non-profit corporation as a business while simultaneously maintaining the essential feature of a non-profit. Her commitment to the mission of the organization has led to excellent patient satisfaction and superior clinical and operational outcomes. She has been a pioneer in the integration of services provided by other organizations via their staff in Greater Elgin Family Care Centers. She successfully creates an overall positive emotional tone, a sense of hope in an ever-changing industry, and is constantly mindful of others.

For this, and so much more, V. Guadalupe Fonseca has been chosen for the 2018 Beatrice Dorsey Award for Business & Professions.


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