Communication & Technology Award Recipient


Amanda Garcia, nominated by Elgin Area Tourism Bureau, is a successful business owner that empowers a team of creative women in downtown Elgin. Her company ColorWord Creative has had many successful branding campaigns for both profit and non-profit organizations in Elgin. She is recognized in the community as a professional that can multitask many projects while sticking to the brand of an organization. Working with so many Elgin non-profits also allows her to work on the image and brand of Elgin as a whole.

Amanda is a current member of the Gail Bordon Public Library Board of Trustee, Gail Borden Foundation Board Member and a mentor at Lowrie Elementary School through Kids Hope USA. She has volunteered on the Elgin Area Chamber of Commerce’s marketing presentations using her vast experience to better educate community business leaders.

Amanda’s goal is to create positive messaging to shine a bright light on the true spirit of Elgin. She understands that when one Elgin business is successful, it helps other businesses and ultimately the City of Elgin.

For this, and so much more, Amanda Garcia has been chosen for the 2018 Marguerite Henry Award for Communication & Technology.




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