Leader Luncheon 2018


~ Nomination Forms Now Available ~

Do you know a woman in the Elgin area that has demonstrated qualities of leadership and commitment to excellence in any of the categories below?  If so, please nominate her for a prestigious YWCA Elgin Leader Luncheon Award. Deadline for submissions is Thursday, March 8, 2018, 4pm. Make an online reservation for the 35th Annual Leader Luncheon, that will take place on May 10th, 2018, by clicking here.


This event is attended by hundreds of community leaders, business representatives and volunteers who acknowledge and honor women in the Elgin area that have made significant contributions to the following categories: 

 Margaret Hillis Award for the Arts: Ms. Hillis was the Elgin Symphony Orchestra music director for 14 years and conducted the Chicago Symphony Chorus for 35 years.

Beatrice Dorsey Award for Business and Professions: A successful local business woman for 45 years, Ms. Dorsey was instrumental in assisting women to succeed in business.

Marguerite Henry Award for Communications/Technology: Author of over 50 books including children’s classics, Ms. Henry held many prestigious national literacy awards.

Harriet Gifford & Hattie Griffin Award for Education: Ms. Gifford established the first school in Elgin in 1836, initiating the foundation for local educational systems.  Co-founder of the YWCA Elgin, Hattie Griffin, was an educator for over 50 years.

Myrtle Spiegler Award for Public Service: As the first woman to assume the position of Elgin City Clerk, Ms. Spiegler designed the city flag and paved the way for women to actively participate in the field of public service.

Betty Brown Award for Racial Justice: As a community leader and activist, Betty Brown laid the ground work for the earliest racial equality movements in Elgin, IL.

Marie Grolich Award for Social Service: As executive director of the YWCA of Elgin for 20 years, Ms. Grolich spearheaded many innovative programs to benefit the entire community.

Marjorie Leonard Award for Volunteer/Community Service: As a volunteer and humanitarian, Ms. Leonard donated countless hours to civic organizations and social agencies

 Dr. Sojung Hong, Arts; Carol Gieske, Business & Professions; Toya Webb, Communication & Technology; Kathleen Rusniak, Education; CommanderAna Lalley, Public Service; Danielle Henson, Racial Justice; Vivian Maly, Social Service; and Karen Schock, Volunteer & Community Service




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