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Sometime Seemingly Small Changes Are Life Changing

The YWCA Elgin offers adult English language learner classes in addition to family literacy classes for both parent and child. One of our current students, a very shy Elvira, stopped by theYWCA Elgin to register for the morning session of adult English classes, and she also wanted to register her 18 month old son for the pre-school/Family Literacy classes, however there were no spots open for her son.

 Elvira decided to sign herself up anyway, and found childcare for her son. Elvira thrived in the classes. She came in with a low reading comprehension in her own native language, let alone English, and today she is reading and writing English as if she was born here! Elvira's only dismay is that her son was missing out on our pre-school program, building relationships and learning as she has done. Then, a spot became available.

Elvira and her son are now learning English, making friends, and enjoying their educational process together! But beyond this, while her son is blossoming into an English speaking toddler, Elvira, no longer the shy willow, is becoming engaged in the community and is feeling more in control of her life.


The YWCA Elgin Provides a Home-Away-From-Home for a Little 8-Year Old Girl

Eight-year-old Jenny, a child in YWCA Elgin's after-school School Age Child Care, has been enrolled in the program for about a year. However, Jenny suffers from severe allergies, which occasionally causes her to miss school and the YW's School Age Child Care. Because her mom has to take off work to care for her, which means she does not get paid, Jenny was in jeopardy of losing her spot in the YW's childcare program. However, because of the YWCA Elgin's scholarship program, Jenny's mom can continue to work on a more regular basis, and Jenny has a home away from home to go to after school, at the YWCA Elgin.




YWCA Elgin Steps In Until Stability Was Restored

A YWCA Elgin family was unable to make their mortgage payments due to a reduction in work hours. Thanks to funds made available through the YWCA Elgin, the family received assistance on their mortgage payments for two months. The family is now doing better and the parent's work hours have been restored. There is stability in their lives, once again.




Food and Shelter

Maria, a YWCA Elgin Family Literacy student was due to have a baby in a couple of months and was concerned about losing her place in class, since there was a waiting list. Maria was assured that she could return after maternity leave and books would be sent home for her 3-year-old son who also attended the Family Literacy class. A week later, Maria confided in one of the YWCA Elgin Family Literacy teachers that her husband had lost his job, and money for rent and food was going quickly. The teacher found resources for rent assistance and for food during this challenging time. Maria told the Family Literacy Program Director that the YWCA Elgin not only helps her with her English, her son with school preparedness, but the YWCA Elgin helps her with her life.


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